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Warm up the Sauna like a Finn!

When in spring lake Päijänne has left the ice and the winter behind and the water’s temperature is a little bit over plus four degrees. This period of the Nature calls you to clean yourself in the traditional Finnish sauna by the lake. Experience abundant physical, mental and spiritual wellness during your sauna-tour.

You will learn to tie the whisk and heat up the authentic traditional Finnish sauna.
Some steps:

  • Tie the whisk.

  • Carry fire wood to the sauna.

  • Light the fire in the sauna stove.

  • Pump lake water into the sauna.

  • Undress for sauna.

  • Take a sauna bath and swim

  • Cool and admire the lake view.

Join us on a Nature’s herb garden, forest. In silence, the trees will beacon you, sway to the rhythm of your deepest thoughts. When collecting branches to be your company in the sauna enjoy and feel the Nature’s and the forest’s healing impacts. Bundle your whisk. To get an authentic, deep experience in our traditional Finnish sauna, light the fire and heat up the sauna. Allow the steam to envelope you, relax you or stay close to the lake scenery and meditate on the sauna bench. Cleanse yourself with your own whisk. Take a dip once in while into the cool water of lake Päijänne, to let the cold-hot treatment pamper you. As a clean and reborn human being, now listen, stay quiet because as you close the sauna door, the gnomes are peering behind the trees awaiting their invitation.

Please, have a look https://en.nukula.fi/packages/warm-up-the-sauna-like-a-finn/ for more information.

  • Group size 1 - 8 person

  • Additional days are possible to arrange upon prior reservations, price 177,00 € per person/day, or 119,00 € per child, 5 - 13 year

  • We can arrange a transportation upon request at an additional price, Jyväskylä-Nukula-Jyväskylä, or even Helsinki airport-Nukula- Helsinki airport

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch info€nukula.fi or phone +358 40 703 8136.